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Coating and Painting

Epoxy Painting

Valve-Kits can offer primer paint or 2 coat epoxy finish in any RAL spec. The 2 pack epoxy finish enables the protection the metal surface of steel from oxidization or corrosion.

Specialist Offshore Painting

Valve-Kits products can be painted to any offshore paint system to industry standards and backed by certification. These paints provide corrosion protection for items covering all activities where specialist anti-corrosion, subsea, abrasion resistant and non-slip coating are required.

Powder Coating

Valve-Kits can offer the facility of powder coating most of our products to various colours. Powder Coating is the advanced method of applying a high quality finish to our products which make them more resistant to chemicals, chipping and fading.


Valve-Kits can galvanize extensions, pedestals and kits where required to meet customers' needs. Galvanising is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to our product to prevent rusting.

Zinc Plating

Valve-Kits can offer Zinc plated mounting kits, locking devices and extensions where required. Zinc Plating is the process of covering our products with a layer of coating of Zinc to protect the product from corrosion.

Coating and Painting