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SafeOperator™ - Flexible Valve Extensions

Valve-Kits gearboxes combined with the Elliott SafeOperator™ systems provide the flexible solution for the operation of valves located in hazardous or difficult to access locations.

SafeOperator™ is the most comprehensive solution for the remote mechanical operation of valves in every industry. We lead the world in delivering systems which make your industry a safer place. The proven Elliott “FlexShaft” allows the SafeOperator™ Remote Valve Operating system to be routed around obstructions providing a safe and convenient operator location.

Each SafeOperator™ system is built from our standard range of components to match the unique requirements of your valve application. System components are available for almost all valve configurations to provide reliable, remote operation up to 30M (100 feet) away. Each system is designed to be field installed by your maintenance personnel. When combined with a gearbox from the the Valve-Kits range, SafeOperator™ can operate even the largest valves.

  • Use on virtually any valve intended for manual operation
  • Locate the point of operation in a place of safety or convenience
  • Easy operation of hard-to-reach valves
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Avoid the need for a confined space permit
  • No need to compromise pipeline layouts just to ensure valve access
  • No need to build expensive platforms
  • A reliable back-up in the event of electrical failure
  • No need to stretch or lean over gangways or platforms to operate a valve, use a flexible remote valve operator

Elliott's Uniflex-Stow offers remote mechanical valve control for Naval, Nuclear & special purpose industrial installations. Using high grade materials and with shock and seismic qualifications Uniflex-Stow offers well proven solutions for challenging environments.

SafeOperator™ - Flexible Valve Extensions SafeOperator™ - Flexible Valve Extensions